Planning a Funeral

Our Funeral Directors are always available to assist in all facets of funeral arrangements or pre-arrangements, including Medicaid situations. At such a difficult time, we recommend that you bring a family member or friend with you when making funeral arrangements. You will find it comforting and helpful to have someone there to remember details and assist you in making decisions. We have provided a checklist of information that will be helpful to prepare for your arrangement meeting. 

What happens at a funeral arrangement meeting?

It is helpful to understand how the arrangement process works and may make you feel more comfortable to know what will happen before hand. When you arrive at Fairchild, you will be greeted and seated in the arrangement office where you will meet with the Funeral Director. The Director will take some time to get to know you and familiarize themself with your circumstances and family. They will then give you a copy of our price list (as required by law) and will explain what each service listed entails and answer any questions you may have. Depending upon your specific circumstances, the Director may take you up to our newly remodeled casket display room where you will be able to choose from over 20 caskets on display. We have carefully selected a range of caskets representing the very best quality and materials, at every price range. In our new memorial room, you will also find a very unique collection of urns and memorial items that sometimes help to make the experience very personal and meaningful for you and your family. Once you have an understanding of all of your options, the Funeral Director will guide you in planning a funeral or memorial service that feels right for you and your family. Services can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, our goal is to ensure that your needs and wishes are fulfilled and that the life of your loved one has been memorialized in a way that feels personal and special.