Preplanning a Funeral

Many people take comfort in knowing that they have premade all of the personal decisions that may be required for their own memorial and funeral arrangements. Fairchild Sons can assist you in several ways when considering this option and you can rest assured knowing that every detail will be carried out exactly as you have specified, providing both you and your family with peace of mind. At the simplest level, you can make an appointment to sit down with one of our Funeral Directors to discuss your options and record your personal information and preferences at no cost to you. Fairchild Sons will safely keep your information on record for you and your family. You may come in to Fairchild Sons anytime to adjust or review your plans. While you are not required to do so, you may choose to prepay for part or all of your arrangements at this time as well. If you chose to do so, your money goes to an organization called Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc. a New York Trust.

Prearrangements can also be made for a loved one who is close to going on Medicaid. These accounts are also handled by Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc. but are irrevocable, which means that any money put towards these prearranged accounts for Medicaid cannot be refunded to the family or estate of the deceased. Instead any money not used towards the funeral arrangements must be refunded to the state. This account may be moved to another funeral home if the family chooses to do so.