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Cheryl Dellacroce Steinberg, of Garden City, New York, passed away peacefully in the early morning hours of March 28th, 2023. She suffered a vicious stroke, fought back like the warrior that she was, but ultimately lost the battle. She's now in God's hands. She is survived by her two sisters, Angel Donnelly and Toni Woods, two nephews, Tim and Chris Donnelly, and countless friends, colleagues, ski buddies, tennis and golf rivals. Up until her last living breath, nothing short of a parade of visitors were there at her bedside to cheer her on. She was beloved.

Cheryl came into this world on July 5th, 1951. Born to Carmine and Santa Dellacroce, she took to the arts at a very young age. Piano, guitar, painting, photography, you name it – her flair for creativity was vast and undeniable. Upon graduating from C.W. POST in 1978 with a Master's Degree in Fine Art, she opted for a teaching career at her local Valley Stream High School. Within two years, Cheryl was tenured. During her 10-year-run at Valley Stream High, she obtained funding to spearhead an elective program for gifted art students, launched an annual photography exhibition/contest, hosted the photography club, and the list goes on and on.

When budget cuts began to impede on her ability to make change in Valley Stream High School, Cheryl decided to take on corporate America.

Then began an illustrious 20-year-career in corporate America, where she wielded her creative edge to rise through the ranks of various major companies, 1-800-FLOWERS being one of note. With every company move over those 20 years, Cheryl's managerial responsibilities would increase, whereby she'd inevitably lead large teams to unparalleled success. When corporate life grew stale, she circled back to her first love – art, teaching, and making a difference. First, in the Baldwin School District where she taught art and photography, and then later in Bayside High School, where she launched an intern placement program that became so popular that surrounding high schools adopted it for their own respective curriculums.

If you knew Cheryl Steinberg, you knew she adored horses. As a later-in-life activity, she took up riding horses with an unwavering passion. After years of practice, she eventually bought Artie. Artie was her best friend, her baby, her everything. When Artie fell ill, Cheryl would visit the barn at nightime to clean and rub him down. Artie would
subsequently be retired to a horse community in Pennsylvania, where she'd visit him on a monthly basis until he passed. Cheryl would later go on to volunteer for, an organization dedicated to teaching people with disabilities how to ride.

In closing, Cheryl was married to a great man who she loved dearly, Joe Steinberg. Sadly, Joe passed away several years back. God willing, may they reunite in heaven for another beautiful dance. Rest in peace, Cheryl Dellacroce Steinberg.

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