In Memory Of

Anthony Nicholas

Anthony Nicholas Leva, our beloved and cherished son passed away at the young age of 16 years on June 19, 2021. He is survived by his parents, Melissa and Anthony and his brothers, Vincent , Nicholas. and our loving puppy, Bailey. 

From  the beginning of Anthony’s diagnosis, the focus of Anthony’s journey  was about healing.  It was clearly full of love and gratitude. Anthony, during his short life, demonstrated to us what kind of an extraordinary young man he was. The last year was memorable.and really showed us what kind of an amazing human being he was.   We’ve never been so proud of Anthony!!! He showed us how unbelievably strong  he was and much he loved life and us. We’ve always known that Anthony was exceptional….

Anthony never once complained about how he became sick or why he was the one.  He handled his diagnosis like a soldier going into battle.  He handled treatments and challenges better than anyone I've ever seen.  He came out of serious surgery and only two weeks later was running on the track. He would  listen to rap music while he was getting radiation. He would sing songs while blasting music driving into and out of Manhattan for appointments. He let us hug and kiss him like no teenager ever would.  He ate a ketogenic diet despite his love of pasta and pizza. That may have been the only complaint I heard.

Anthony was always someone who enjoyed nature. He would do anything to get to the beach and walk or run for miles. He loved to spend time fishing and hunting or just simply sittng by the fire at our house upstate.  He would hide his brother’s phones and iPads so that they would come out and sit by the fire or go for a walk. 

He would drag the family  out for a walk no matter how tired or how late it was. He was an avid Boy Scout  who achieved his Life Sout rank and was already planning his Eagle project. 

In summary, there are not many people that could have accomplished so much  or impacted so many people in such a short time.  We are extremely proud to say that our son left a mark on this world. By respecting his legacy, we are hoping that he will never be forgotten.  When you are walking on the beach or taking a walk in the woods, think of him. Please hug  and cherish your children. Every day you have with them is a gift and very precious…..

Anthony, we love you more than anything and we are grateful to have known you. Please watch over us sweet angel. 

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