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                                                                                        Andrew G. Logan

Jerry Logan, a Garden City resident for nearly 53 years, sadly, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 21 st . Jerry was a life-long Long Islander, born in 1931 in what was then known as Nassau Hospital. Jerry described his Dad as a “pioneer” moving his young family out of Brooklyn to Long Island in 1927. He and his four siblings were raised in Floral Park where he attended Our Lady of Victory grammar school and graduated from Sewanhaka High School. Jerry often regaled his children and grandchildren with tales of his wonderful childhood of the 1930’s and 1940’s. His bike riding adventures with friends to the airfields of Mitchel and Roosevelt Fields, which were so very active during WW II. They would pack a lunch and spend long days lying in the fields watching the takeoffs and landings of all the various wartime aircrafts. On sight, they could name them all and were thrilled when the pilots swooped in low enough to give them a wave.

As teenagers, Dad, his brother Don and their buddies all became caddies at The Garden City Country Club. He mentioned a celebrity sighting of that time was Perry Como who was a member there in the 40’s. He loved to tell us of a “caddy strike” that he participated in at that time. They successfully lobbied the membership to increase the caddy rate from $1.25 up to $1.50! Dad became a self-taught golfer using some bent shafted hickory clubs that his dad seldom used. He would spend many a Monday “caddy day” on the course developing a true love and respect for the game. He taught all of us how to play in hopes that, one day, we all could enjoy the game together.

Dad was an extremely proud Marine, serving in Korea during the conflict. After his military service, he enjoyed a long and successful career in textile manufacturing. He spent the entirety of his 43 working years with J.P. Stevens, Inc., ultimately rising to sales management. He loved the industry and he loved his clients. Many of them gushed to us over the years of how they adored him. He met the love of his life while working there in the early years and Joan Fitzpatrick of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn would marry him in January of 1957. They moved their brood of six children to Garden City in 1970 after rapidly outgrowing their Franklin Square Cape Cod home.

After retiring in 1991, Dad and Mom became snowbirds and built a wonderful winter retreat in Palm
City, Fl. Dad joined his first private club and began playing his best golf. There were many drop in visits from the kids and the eventual 15 grandchildren.

Dad was a parishioner of St. Anne’s for 62 years and his deep, abiding faith was evident. In his later
years, he could be found at his perch, in the kitchen, at the head of the table. Mornings, the TV was
tuned into Fox Business Channel and at 3:00 pm, it was a daily rosary with Catholic Faith Network. One of his favorite mantras was “faith, family and friends” (in that order). He was fortunate to have had an abundance of all three.

Sadly, his one true love, Joan passed in 2011. He is survived by his 6 children: Jerry (Ellen), Karen (Bill), Tom (Kathy), Mary Regina (Tony), Patti and Jeanne. His departure creates quite a void but the
memories, pictures, life lessons and words of wisdom are plentiful.

Semper fi and God speed, good man!

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