In Memory Of

Mrs. Rosezena

Rosezena Shaw was born the sixth child of Thomas Allen and Mary Shaw, on June 28, 1937, in Laurinburg, North Carolina. Mary died after the birth of her eighth child, and Thomas was left to struggle to keep his family together. Laura Shaw, the oldest daughter, along with her aunt Polly assisted Tom in raising the girls. Tom raised the older boys, and the infant boy, Able, went to relatives in New Jersey.

Tom taught his children to pray and to read the Bible. Polly made sure that the girls went to church. Tom taught the children self-sufficiency, self-respect, love of family, and thrift. These principles guided the life of Rosezena.

After finishing high school, Rosezena moved to New York to live with her aunt Mandy. In New York, she met quiet, studious Emmitt Johnson, who was a friend of her cousin. Emmitt called Rosezena, Miss Shaw during their courtship, until they married in 1957. Emmitt referred to Rose as his bride for the entire 60 years of their marriage.

Rosezena was a hard working, simple woman who was content to be a wife and mother. She worked for New York State Disability for 40 years. She loved financial independence. She believed in exercising her right to vote, and she was a loyal Democrat. She loved to watch sports with Emmitt, especially tennis. Emmitt and Rose were husband, wife and best friends. They rarely left each others side. She devoted herself to his care during the final stage of his life, often sitting with him for hours in the hospital. Emmitt departed this life in 2017. He left a charge to his daughter, Sabrina, to care for her mother.

Emmitt and Rosezena were devoted parents to Sabrina and Frederick. They constantly gave wise advice on how to live successfully, and their principles of living blessed their children. Emmitt and Rose advocated education. Their grandson, Prince was recently accepted into Morehouse College.

Rosezena was predeceased by her sisters: Laura, Hattie, and brothers James Allen, Henry, Evans, and Thomas, jr. The youngest brother, Able is left.

Life is a gift. Long life is a gift. A happy marriage is a gift. Rosezena was an example of piety at home, and contentment in marriage. She exemplified fidelity and strength throughout her life.

Thank you mother, I am forever grateful.

Your family.

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