Fairchild Sons Funeral Home, always family owned and operated, has enjoyed over a century of history in the mortuary service industry in New York. Starting in 1883 with our first establishment in Brooklyn, the Fairchild Family grew to include Queens, Flushing, Garden City and Manhasset. Fairchild Sons of Garden City was originally built in 1938 as a funeral home and has enjoyed the privilege and honor of being one of New York’s finest and Garden City’s only funeral home. From the time you call until the last detail has been completed, our staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service and standards of professionalism. Our attention to every detail has ensured peace of mind to all our families for over a century.

"Fairchild Sons stands ready to serve when human need is most acute, providing thoughtful expertise, reassurance and comfort amid the most difficult of times”- The Fairchild Sons motto, as written in 1883.