Below are some of the best local and national grief resources we have come across in the industry, there is something for everyone. COPE is locally based and has local bereavement events to attend where as Whats Your Grief and Modern Loss deal with grief in creative, modern and practical ways for anyone experiencing any kind of grief. They all have extensive off and online resources on their sites, we encourage you to sign up for their newsletters and explore their sites and blogs and even classes. Check back here regularly for updates and new resources to explore.





Grieving Beyond the First Year

If you’re still in the first year after a loss, I imagine the title of this article alone might have knocked the wind out of you. Just knowing that some people think the second year of grief is harder than the first is enough to send some people into a panic. But it is a discussion that comes up time and again, often from folks feeling confused as they fumble through the second year after a death and beyond. So, take a deep breath – we want to walk through this question step by step. And I promise that it isn’t all bad news.

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